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FALL 2018 DANCE CLASS SERIES – Intermediate and Experienced – Cross Step Waltz



Dance with your partner or dance with other Singles  

7:15pm Dance Class – Thursday Nights for 8 weeks

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Registration Deadline September 22nd, 2018 

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The Wedding Reception Dance went Beautifully

“I’m a 67-year-old father who hadn’t danced since junior high school gym class. But our only daughter was getting married and I needed to be ready for the father/daughter dance. Panic time. I looked on the internet and found Laura. I was initially nervous but Laura understood my situation, was an excellent teacher, positive, experienced and knowledgeable. My wife said that before each lesson I was a little dubious but after each I was positive and enthusiastic. After six lessons I was confident and ready to go. And the wedding reception dance went beautifully.”

Thanks Laura!


Laura gave us the skills and also the confidence we needed

“We told Laura the song we wanted to use and how much time we had before our wedding and she took care of the rest.  She created a beautiful routine that was still simple enough for us to do as beginner dancers.  The lessons were fun and we always looked forward to attending them.  Laura gave us the skills and also the confidence we needed for our “first dance” to be a total success.  Thank you so much Laura!”  

Wayne and Yuka Olson

Father and Daughter Enjoyed Their Wedding Dance Lessons

“Taking lessons from Laura quickly became something my dad and I looked forward to every week. We loved learning new things and spent a lot of time laughing! It was extremely enjoyable and being able to surprise everyone on my wedding day while having an amazing experience with my dad was priceless. The dance moves Laura taught us were perfect for us as we had different levels of experience with dancing. It wasn’t too hard but challenged us just enough. This was an unforgettable experience from beginning to end and we couldn’t have done it without Laura. We would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to take lessons, even if you have no experience”!

Ashley and Dad, Rich

(Photos by Renee Deese at Renascent Photography)
Note:  Ashley and her Dad, Rich chose to surprised everyone at the wedding with a great combination of songs that included: Daddy’s Little Girl by Alec McGraw, Beat It by Michael Jackson and Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top! They had a lot of fun keeping their lessons and dance a secret from everyone!

Group Dance Lessons and Private Dance Lessons a Great Combo for Wedding Dance

Jerrica and Robert prepared for their wedding by taking group classes and private lessons.  This combination, along with Jerrica’s past ballroom dance experience in college, made it possible for them to learn a more complex dance routine.  Their furry ring bearer decided to help them with their first dance!