Please read the following information before you register for dance classes. 

RESERVE YOUR PLACE IN CLASS: Registration is on a first come, first serve basis. To reserve a place in the class, your completed registration form with Check or Cash MUST be in our hands BEFORE or ON the registration deadline below.

A place in class for single leads/follows is based on the lead/follow ratio. Therefore, single leads and follows should register as soon as possible.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Your completed registration form with Check or Cash MUST be in our hands BEFORE or ON See Current Registration Deadline

We are required to give cancellation notice to the venue we have reserved should we need to cancel a class. At least 30 people need to turn in paid registration by this deadline for the classes to be a “GO”.

TO CANCEL A PAID REGISTRATION: The deadline to cancel your paid registration is See Current Registration Deadline. No refunds or credits will be issued after that date. If you signed up through Altiar, you are subject to this deadline and these policies as well.

WAITING LIST: To be fair to those who registered by the deadline… If you missed the deadline and are interested in being in the classes, conctact Laura to be put on the waiting list. Students who show up the first night of class without being registered can have their names placed on the waiting list as well.

SPLIT CLASS FORMAT: If it is appropriate, we will split the classes into two levels, so newer dancers don’t get overwhelmed and more experienced dancers can progress. Laura would teach one level and Robert the other level. This may not happen with every class or class series. We will offer practice time during each class.

CLASS LOCATION: Class location may change based on class size or other unforseen circumstances.

LEAD/FOLLOW RATIO: We cannot guarantee that the lead/follow ratio will be even for every class. We will attempt to keep the lead/follow ratio as even as possible for those who register without a partner. You will rotate partners frequently during the classes so everyone gets to dance with a variety of partners. We must have pre-paid registration as a firm commitment so that we can attempt to balance the lead/follow ratio by the registration deadline.