Types of Dance Lessons at Dance with Us

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Social Dances

Once you have a few basics, it is fun to try them out on a social dance floor. In Eugene, we are lucky to have several venues (see links provided). It is important to understand dance floor Etiquette. Please refer to the Information section of this site. So that you are safe and comfortable dancing on a crowed floor with dancers who are at different levels as well various dance styles. We have social dances on the first Saturday of each month.

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Dance Workshops

Workshops can last an hour or two or be an all day event. Some will concentrate on just one dance, a particular category like smooth or Latin or possibly just technique and style. We offer workshops to focus on these areas. It helps to have the basics down already. You may enjoy workshops for the stimulation of learning new material or information in a faster paced environment.

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Dance Instruction for Couples and Singles

Private lessons are taught for both couples and singles. Our group classes are designed to accommodate couples who want to stay with their partner or singles (and even couples) who want to rotate partners. The choice is yours.

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Private Dance Lessons

These lessons are individualized to you.  You can choose the dances you prefer or we can help you determine what dances will best suit your goals.  Private lessons increase your skill level and confidence in leading, following, posture/frame, technique and style of the dance.  You create positive muscle memory when you dance with a trained professional.  Taught at various locations.  Call for appointments and location.  Currently private lessons are $50.00 per hour for a couple or single.

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Group Dance Classes

You can expect to gain the footwork, directional movement and timing from group class settings. Group classes are good for practice and repetition.  If you combine group classes with your private lessons, you will become a proficient dancer in a shorter amount of time.  This is a great opportunity to practice the footwork, timing, etc., so that your private instructor can polish your frame, lead/follow, style and technique.

Check current class schedule and location.

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Performance and Choreography

Laura can choreograph a dance for a special event or performance.