Dance lessons a gift for life

Dancing at our daughters Sweet 16 Masquerade Ball was a dream come true.  Thank you so much Laura!  We couldn’t have it done it without you!”  “A gift of dance lessons is a present you can open again and again throughout your life.”

Sara, Trace, Mariya, and Andrew

Perfect Wedding Day Our Friends and Family were Impressed

“The wedding day was perfect!  The dance went great and our friends and family were impressed. Michael’s family had no idea what he could do. He ended up being a really good leader because when I walked out and all the people were standing around I completely forgot everything, but it went off without a hitch”!

“Thank you for all of your help. After attending some other weddings this summer, I was glad we took the time to learn a coordinated dance. It felt more special and it is something we will remember forever. We miss dancing too. We will have to sign up for another class soon”.

Jennifer and Michael


The Wedding Dance Turned Out Perfect….

“Hello Laura-

We are finally going through our photos and have a few to share with you! The wedding dance turned out perfect! The wedding was amazing the best day of our lives”!


“Thank you for your coaching! I hear my mom is taking a class from you as well, that’s so cool”.


“Have a happy Holiday season and we hope to see you again”!

“Thanks again,

Blaise and Bryan”

Father Daughter Wedding Day Dance

Mike wanted lessons for his daughters wedding so he could dance the traditional “Father/Daughter” dance with her to the song she chose: Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman.  His daughter, Mel lives in California and was not able to come here to learn the dance.  So her mom (Mike’s wife) stepped in to learn the wedding dance and practice with him before they went to California for the wedding.

“Thank you for all your help and support teaching me (and my wife Kaye) how to dance for our daughter’s wedding”.  “You’re the best!!!  Kaye and I look forward to continuing to learn more dance steps from you in the future”.

“The wedding dance you taught us (for the Father Daughter Dance) was great.  I had the confidence to actually dance in front of a large group vs doing the typical “slow dance in a circle” and being a nervous wreck.  There were actually some tears being shed (not by me) by a lot of folks that attended the wedding.  Some of the feedback from the guests: What a beautiful dance….  You guys look like Pros…  I couldn’t stop crying…  Can I get a copy of the dance video….  There wasn’t a dry eye at our table…  Was it hard to learn that dance – how long did it take you to learn the steps”?

“My son-in-law also took some pointers for their Bride and Groom dance. “He asked for some help” after he saw Mel (my daughter) and I practice the night before the wedding.  I would encourage anyone wanting to enjoy something they can do with their wife/partner  – take dance lessons!!!  They’re a lot of fun, great exercise, and it’s also a confidence builder. And, the fun continues as you and your partner practice the steps you learned throughout the week”.

“You’re a great teacher, with the passion to teach others to dance and…… you make the lessons FUN”.


Every week, we looked forward to going to our lessons…

“My husband and I were lost when it came to our first dance. We tried you tube videos, links here and there but were unimpressed by our dance skills. Laura saved us, she not only taught us our first dance but she gave us different dance steps to different genres for the future. We absolutely loved how we could customize our dance here and there and make it our own. Every week, we looked forward to going to our lesson with Laura to learn something new. Her knowledge and patience impressed us and we are grateful for her help. You can’t go wrong with Laura! Stop searching because she is worth every penny.  “Kelsie and Spencer”