Advice for a Successful Marriage!



“Wes and Joanna are such a delight to know.  Their humor, wonderful relationship, long standing successful marriage and passion for dancing are very inspirational.  When we asked Wes what the secret to a happy marriage is, he said he offers the following advice. .

“Hi Laura, I have offered this free advice to numerous men on occasion. I point out that taking your wife or girl friend to a dance is a smart move.  I tell them that since I decided to escort Joanna to dances, my home life has been heavenly.  No longer is a forgotten bath towel on the floor a source of any complaint from my spouse”.

“If I spring for ballroom dance lessons, I am even free to make unsolicited comments about my wife’s driving (which she ignores).  Joanna is more likely to laugh at my jokes if we are returning home from a rumba lesson.  How’s that for a recommendation”?