Dance with Us is a Great Place to Start

Whether or not you have two left feet, are looking for a fun way to exercise, or just love to dance and want an outlet to express yourself, taking classes with Laura and Robert is a great place to start. Their prices are affordable, be it for their ongoing beginning or intermediate group class series, or for their private lessons where you can get that extra attention and work on technique. My husband and I have enjoyed both and really made a lot of progress. We learned some routines in the private lessons that we do at social dances. On a recent trip to a resort, we received many compliments about our skills on the dance floor, which really made us chuckle. He’d initially been so resistant about dancing, thinking he could never learn, but Laura had a way of making him feel at ease with her humor, and with strategic coaching and an ability to get us through trouble areas, my husband can now swing with the best of them. It’s also nice that you don’t have to be part of a couple to take classes. I’ve taken them alone as well with my husband because I can never dance enough, and he does need a break every now and then to do guy stuff.. So what are you waiting for to find your inner Fred and Ginger?

Jackie A.