I can actually dance…. It’s true, just ask my wife!


Tim took some of our dances classes.  We encouraged him to attend some of the local dances so he could practice what he had learned.  At one of those dances he met Michelle.  As all good love stories go, it was love at first dance.  They were married a short time later!  They continue to take our classes and are still happily dancing and madly in love.

“Learning to dance is hard work and, like so many other men, I find it downright embarrassing. I actually dread most dance classes I go to. But I gain so much confidence learning from Laura. Every class I take with her, I become more convinced that I can learn to dance! She is so well organized, so clear, so encouraging and so much fun. She presents the information at a pace I can keep up with and helps us practice new steps right there in class, before they evaporate from my brain. With Laura’s instruction, in spite of my embarrassment, I can actually dance. It’s true; just ask my wife”.